Eric Eastman, Chief Executive Officer

Eric wants to change the game in the money lives of Generation Y forever. Having held several senior operating, strategy and consulting roles in the financial services space, he has a strong passion around financial capability and empowerment. Eric spent his early career at J.P. Morgan, and after leaving as a Second Vice President in 1997, founded, grew and sold his first Internet startup (renamed

Eric joined Mercer Management Consulting (now Oliver Wyman) in 1999 to assist startup and incumbent companies with their online strategies (E*Trade, GATX Financial, Eric then joined the senior leadership team at Levi Strauss as lead strategist for a startup brand (distributed in Target, Wal-Mart and Kmart) that grew to $250 million, before leading the launch and operations of a pilot retail store concept he co-conceived.

Eric has a long history of mentoring youth around money and led the Junior Achievement program at Wharton, where he earned his MBA.

Scott Dodson, Chief Product Officer

Scott founded and funded Flying Rhino Studios in 1994 and ran the company until its sale in 2005. Flying Rhino produced award-winning work for clients including: T-Mobile, Microsoft, and Wizards of the Coast. He led the Seattle Advertising Federation as President (2001-2002).

In 2004 Scott became President and CEO of Tenacious Games, bootstrapping for two years, before funding it in 2006 and 2007. Tenacious Games developed and published the internationally acclaimed trading card game, The Spoils™, launching to a top ten position in ten countries, before selling to Arcane Tinmen (Denmark). In May 2008, Scott joined the founding team of Divide by Zero Games and led its first two tranches of VC funding before taking on operations as COO.

Scott has a passion for entrepreneurism, gaming and capitalization structure. He is a recognized expert and speaker on game company funding, social game design, virtual goods, monetization, and gamification.

John Bito, Chief Technology Officer

John is best known for the consummate technical leadership that shaped the delivery of five commercial products beginning in the 1980s. Three of the five startups he worked with over that time had a desirable exit: A successful IPO in 1987, a merger with a publicly traded company in 1997 and, in 2006, the largest sale of a privately held Washington software company following the dotcom bust of 2001. The sale was Qpass Inc., an Internet services and software company that was acquired by Amdocs in May 2006 for $275MM.

During his nine years at Qpass, John worked as Chief Technical Architect to lead the development and implementation of digital commerce systems for companies such as Cingular, Sprint-Nextel, T-Mobile International and Starz! Entertainment Network. Prior to Qpass, John served as the Chief Architect for DataFocus, Inc.

Scott Rigby, Chief Engagement Officer

Scott is a leading behavioral / motivational scientist, as well as a serial entrepreneur building innovative interactive products and providing strategic / creative consulting to Fortune 100 and 500 companies worldwide, in markets ranging from media, electronic entertainment, health care and finance.

Scott is a veteran of both the ivory tower and interactive media development. After earning his Ph. D. as a clinical psychologist studying motivation, Scott spent eight years building Internet games and interactive content for Sony, Time Warner, and Viacom, as well as online game tie-ins for major feature films such as AI: Artificial Intelligence, Red Planet, and Frequency.

Scott is the worldwide expert in the application of the Self Determination Theory (SDT), and the author of The Personal Experience of Needs Satisfaction (PENS), and Glued to Games (with Richard Ryan, Ph.D). SDT and PENS are supported by over thirty years of research by hundreds of scientists worldwide. Centered on measuring people’s experience of competence, autonomy and relatedness, the models have proven to be very effective at predicting outcomes across a range of industries and demographics.